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Frances Crawford

Frances Crawford was born and brought up in Nairn, but now lives in Strathdon. Since taking her degree in Fine Art at Humberside College of Art, she has exhibited at many galleries in Scotland and England, and is curator of the Bridge View Gallery in Aberdeen. She has work in private and corporate collections internationally, as well as paintings featured in books ( She is a former committee member of North East Open Studios and chairman of “Art in the Buchat”, and teaches both in Strathdon and Aberdeen

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Artist’s Statement

My painting has been going through a period of transition, from imaginary symbolic subject matter to incorporating elements of landscape; the ‘spirit of place’ rather than the purely physical representation of landscape. I believe we need to re-connect with the Earth on a deeper level as our ancient ancestors did. I have always been drawn to the places our ancestors deemed sacred. Series of paintings have included work inspired by stone circles in Aberdeenshire, the Alhambra palace in Spain, the Isle of Iona, the Abbey and notions of ‘sacred journeys’. I constantly return to symbolic paintings using vessels - the bowl has deep symbolic meaning for me, through its association with Alchemical transformation and the ‘Grail’ legends.

Colour is important in my paintings: I build successive layers of transparent glazes of oil paint and glazing medium, whgich results in paintings with more depth and vibrancx of colouir. The layering process only ends when I feel the painting has achieved a certain ‘resonance’ that brings it to life

The paintings are usually quite small, the intention being to draw the viewer into an ‘intimate’ contemplative connection with the work. There are often multiple levels of meaning in the work, but it is my hope that each individual will respond to their own intuition for meaning

Alchemist’s Table