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Mia Buehr

Mia works in the unconventional medium of computerised machine embroidery. This method is more commonly used to embroider logos and cartoons on clothing, etc., but Mia thought it had potential for more interesting applications

The process begins with a drawing, which is then taken into the computer and “digitised”: that is, the design is converted into stitching instructions. This is not done automatically by the computer: rather,the artist must re-draw the design in the software, adding instructions about stitch direction, density, the shape of objects and many other things

The “Optical Goat”, made up of separate embroidered squares

“The Dee and the Don”, an embroidered and pieced panel

A panel of birds in a simplified 1950’s style

Mia at work at the embroidery machine

A rough sketch…

…is taken into the computer, where it is digitised by the artist and sent to the embroidery machine for stitching

Finished embroideries can be  incorporated into items such as bags or cushions, or regarded as works in their own right

An embroidered and pieced panel under construction…

…and after assembly

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